Welcome to the Center for Education and Mentoring

The Lifting Generations CEM is a high-quality training center focused on the success of its students. It is sponsored by foreign donors who understand that the only way out of the cycle of poverty is through education and one-on-one mentoring process that allows new habits and skills to be gained by the participants.


Community Service

Service is the cornerstone of the process to improve and change lives, and when offered selflessly it expands, encourages and blesses both the servers and the served . Community service is of great importance to our students as it provides them with new and great experiences by supporting and working in meaningful ways for others. The process allows the discovery and practices of various talents and abilities.

Active Volunteer Mentors

A Mentor is a person of much knowledge and above all experience who is willing to guide others. Volunteer Mentors in Lifting Generations are alumni of our CEM and other programs, as well as people outside the Foundation who are willing to share their time. Mentoring is based on trust and communication. Volunteer Mentors prepare to teach and support their Mentees according to the needs of the Mentees; together they analyze, establish a plan of action, review this plan often and modify it as necessary. The Mentor experience is key to the success of the Mentee, while the role of the Mentee is to follow the advice of the Mentor with integrity and discipline. Volunteer Mentors are trained by full-time Mentors in classrooms and in the field serving in real situations and in actual businesses.

  • Learn

    New skills
  • Educate yourself

    With updated content
  • Obtain skills

    For a good job
  • Prepare yourself

    To be competitive

Individual focus in Education

We provide personalized teaching

Our classroom groups consist of about 20 students who are taught by two or more instructors; one on a permanent basis, and others at random who will provide complementary training in mentoring and techniques for job search. Our facility has adequate settings, and each of our students makes use of computers equipped with all the necessary tools for their learning.

In the same way our program allows the discovery and development of skills according the needs of each student. We complement this training with the different community services where students have the options to explore skills, talents and even expand their work perspective. We enhance the talents of our students; we help them overcome their inadequacies and we complement their education with practical opportunities in the workplace.

Our Vision

Lifting Generations is a non-profit organization that aims to enable thousands of families and individuals in developing countries to achieve lasting self-reliance through online education, face-to-face classroom education and one-on-one mentoring.


  • Be 17 years of age or older
  • Have a personal ID card
  • Have a personal email
  • Provide a personal phone number
  • Upload a passport-size photo into the system
  • Await a call to set an interview appointment
  • Bring a copy of your personal ID on the day of the interview
  • Bring a black pen to the interview; you will fill out a form

How to get a scholarship at the CEM?

Want to learn to be self-reliant? Many people fail to get a job or fail to develop a personal or family business because they don’t have the necessary tools to do so. At the CEM we make sure that you are trained with quality and integrity. The teaching process is not something that we take lightly, but we do it with passion and with great motivation to see our graduates walk the bridge that leads to self-reliance..


Be committed to yourself that you are going to take advantage of the time, that you will start and finish your studies because if you do not, you may take the opportunity away from others who need to learn. You must commit to complete 4 hours per week of community service and a total of 40 hours of volunteering as a Mentor. Have a specific goal on why you will enroll in that course and be disciplined as a student. At the CEM we believe in a process of integral education based on principles and values.

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These are the courses we offer you at the Center for Education and Mentoring (CEM) in Managua

Advanced English

Schedule: /Masaya Flex (2 hours)

Most people have to speak a sentence or two while conversing, and bad grammar is a major turn-off. Enhance your speaking, reading and listening skills with this course. Learn how to overcome your challenges with this language. Besides, prepare yourself for a job interview. To apply for this course you should take a test.

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Basic English

Schedule: Monday-Friday from 8 am to 12 md/Masaya Flex (2 hours)

Lifting Generations partners with Reading Horizons, a global leader in English language education and training. Reading Horizons makes English instruction more enjoyable and effective for students and teachers alike by making it both simple and engaging. The powerful core framework of the Reading Horizons program — the 42 Sounds of the Alphabet, 5 Phonetic Skills, and 2 Decoding Skills — enables students to quickly develop proficiency in reading, spelling, and pronunciation. Because each skill is introduced using multi-sensory teaching techniques, students are able to make new connections in their brain that help them quickly grasp each concept, keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the process. Classes include laboratory, small group interaction, video demonstrations, dictation, vocabulary enhancement, reading, listening, and speaking.different grammatical aspects. In a simple structure that allows its direct and rapid assimilation, the method we implement is unique and works directly in the phonetic area allowing greater development in communication skills.

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Development of Entrepreneurs

Schedule: /Masaya Flex (2 hours)

This course teaches to design administrative and operational systems that allow managing activities that generate income, growth, generation of profitability and prosperity for their owners, no matter how small they are at the beginning.

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Digital Marketing


This course reviews techniques and tools to advertise on social networks. Learn to build and manage the online community around a brand on the internet, creating and maintaining stable and lasting relationships with customers and fans.

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Graphics Design


This course uses professional software tools to learn and practice the various aspects of graphics and web design. Students learn Photoshop techniques, such as tool bar, zooming, painting and editing features, hand and move and marquee, lassos tools, magic wand, eyedropper, etc. by the end of the course, students should be able to create professional documents. Illustrator techniques are also reviewed and taught.

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Intermediate English

Schedule: /Masaya Flex (2 hours)/

Lifting Generations offers intermediate and advanced English courses which build on the foundation of the skills acquired in the Basic English course. These programs continue to follow the powerful Reading Horizon methodology described in the Basic English Course, with a focus on conversation, pronunciation, and vocabulary building.

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Los Williams House

Schedule: Pilot

Los Williams House project for returned missionaries (only males) outside from Managua

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Microsoft Suite

Schedule: Monday-Friday from 8 am to 12 md/Masaya Flex (2 hours)/

TestOut Desktop Pro is an all-inclusive online learning solution providing all the necessary computer skills for students to gain proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Multiple learning activities, including a virtual hands-on lab, prepare students for demanding careers in business and industry. The course is uniquely designed to improve student confidence, resulting in higher test scores and academic and career success.

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Sales and Customer Service

Schedule: Monday-Friday from 8 am to 12 md//Masaya Flex (2 hours)

The Lifting Generations sales training program introduces students to the fundamental principles of selling and customer service and prepares them to make meaningful contributions in their employment or business. The program is highly interactive and requires significant preparation and student involvement to reinforce learning objectives. Students will learn skills that can be used throughout their life and career including: advanced negotiating skills, customer service and retention techniques, communication skills, and an introduction to customer relationship management systems.

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Web Development


In this course, you will learn to create web pages with the most fundamental tools: HTML and CSS, Jquery, Jquery Mobile, bootstraps. You will learn to write your own code and change the way you view (and design) the web, understanding how it works on the inside and how to design a responsive website to make it more effective. You will also learn to use CMS (Wordpress).

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